What You Should Do After DIY Teeth Whitening At Home

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Teeth whitening provides a simple and effective way of restoring the natural white color of teeth. You can choose a suitable product from the various DIY whitening kits that are available in drugstores and chemists. The key advantage of DIY teeth whitening is that it is simple, comfortable, and convenient since you don't have to visit a dentist. You can get the teeth whitened within a few minutes or hours. However, on the downside, these kits do not have instructions or advice on what you should do to maintain your teeth after the procedure. Here are some useful tips that can help you maintain healthy white teeth after DIY whitening.

Practice good oral hygiene

Practicing proper oral hygiene after teeth whitening is the key to maintaining healthy teeth. If you don't take care of the teeth, they will accumulate plaque and change color within a short time. You could also end up suffering dental caries and spending more money for root canal treatment. To avoid this, make sure that you brush your teeth after every meal and floss regularly to get rid of food particles that get stuck in between the teeth. You can also invest in quality whitening toothpaste to maintain the pearl white color of the teeth.

Avoid highly pigmented foods

Some foods and drinks are known to stain the teeth, and it is advisable to avoid them especially after whitening your teeth. Foods such as red grapes, beets, and other naturally or artificially pigmented, and drinks such as coffee, cola, and red wine can stain the teeth and affect the results after whitening. If you have to consume these drinks, use a straw to minimize their effects on the teeth. Also, make sure that you brush the teeth immediately after taking them. Note that drinks such as yogurt, milk, and light-colored juices are healthy and safe for your teeth.

Visit a dentist

DIY teeth whitening does not mean that you don't have to visit a dentist for regular checkups. A routine checkup is not only necessary for monitoring the results after teeth whitening, but it is also essential for your overall oral health. The dentist may even recommend the proper ways of maintaining the natural color of your teeth to avoid multiple whitening procedures which can erode your enamel. They can also recommend the best toothpaste brands to use, especially if you want to switch from the regular toothpaste to a whitening product for daily use.

Have these tips in mind as you go through with DIY teeth whitening if you want to preserve the white color of the teeth for many years and maintain good oral health.


29 December 2016

Dental Health: Not To Be Taken For Granted

As a retired dentist, I work with charities which visit developing countries and educate children about dental care. It gives me great satisfaction to revisit these communities and see how proud the children are of their efforts. I am acutely aware that good dental hygiene can help prevent a range of serious conditions when these children become older. I started this blog because it greatly distresses me that many people in Australia do not seem to care for their teeth as much as children in these poor communities. This is happening despite ready access to items like toothbrushes and toothpaste which are luxuries in the places I visit. It is my hope that this blog encourages you not to take dental health for granted. My greatest wish is that you can be as inspired as the children I see in my charity work. Please read on and enjoy.