How to Handle a Dental Emergency Involving Avulsed Permanent Teeth

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As with other medical emergencies, many people don't fancy finding themselves facing a dental emergency situation, but knowing what to do in such a situation instead of panicking could help to alleviate pain, expedite recovery or even save a permanent tooth from being lost. A tooth that has been completely knocked out if its socket due to some sort of trauma can be terrifying, but are you aware that there's a better chance of saving the tooth if you act fast and the right away? 

Continue reading on below to find out how to handle a dental emergency situation involving a knocked out or avulsed permanent tooth.

  • Recover the displaced tooth. To save a tooth that has been completely displaced from its socket, you will need to recover the tooth post-haste. Remember, permanent teeth are not meant to stay outside their natural environment for a long period. Hold the tooth by the crown — the top visible part of the tooth — and not by the root end, so as to avoid damaging the roots of the tooth. 
  • Rinse the tooth and put it back in its socket. Rinse the tooth with warm water to wash off any dirt and then gently place it back in its socket. Bite down on the tooth so it stays in place. If the tooth can't be repositioned, preserve it in some warm milk. The milk will help to keep the tooth moist while it is outside the mouth environment.
  • Stop any bleeding. If the affected area is constantly bleeding, you will need to stop the bleeding. You can do so by placing a clean, lint-free piece of cloth or some cotton gauze over the bleeding area and gently pushing it down with your fingers until the bleeding has subsided.
  • See a dentist. Once the tooth is back in its socket or has been preserved in milk and you have contained any bleeding, you should visit your emergency dentist. It is always best to contact the dentist ahead of time so they can know what emergency you're facing and prepare the emergency room for your arrival. 

What you do between the time your tooth is knocked out and the time you check into the dental emergency room will determine whether or not your dentist will be able to save the avulsed tooth. So make sure you act the right way by practicing the above highlighted tips.


24 January 2018

Dental Health: Not To Be Taken For Granted

As a retired dentist, I work with charities which visit developing countries and educate children about dental care. It gives me great satisfaction to revisit these communities and see how proud the children are of their efforts. I am acutely aware that good dental hygiene can help prevent a range of serious conditions when these children become older. I started this blog because it greatly distresses me that many people in Australia do not seem to care for their teeth as much as children in these poor communities. This is happening despite ready access to items like toothbrushes and toothpaste which are luxuries in the places I visit. It is my hope that this blog encourages you not to take dental health for granted. My greatest wish is that you can be as inspired as the children I see in my charity work. Please read on and enjoy.