Fundamental Oral Hygiene Hints Family Dentists Endorse

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Your family dentist is one of the essential professionals you rely on to keep your teeth healthy and deal with problems that may arise, such as a dented tooth, bleeding gums, gum disease, bad breath, tooth decay, and so on.

One of the things family dentists endorse because it's a basic part of preventative dentistry is oral hygiene. When you prioritise oral hygiene, you'll have a gorgeous smile for longer and avoid the aforementioned dental problems. So, what should you do? This piece will be sharing top oral hygiene guidelines family dentists recommend.

Flossing is compulsory

Have you always thought that flossing is optional? Most people create the time to brush their teeth regularly to remove food particles and bacteria that may cause the buildup of tartar and plaque. They know that this will help them avoid gum disease, cavities, and bacterial infections.

However, brushing your teeth isn't all you should do — you also need to take flossing seriously. Flossing is one of the best ways to clean tight places between your teeth, where the toothbrush cannot access. If you do not floss, your teeth will be at risk of decaying even if you brush your teeth thoroughly, twice a day. Consider asking your family dentist to show you how to brush and floss.

It's vital to get adequate fluoride

One of the components that's included in toothpaste is fluoride. This element helps keep your enamel healthy and strong. Your enamel is the outermost part of the tooth, and it's meant to retain its hardness to protect the internal parts of the teeth from bacteria.

When you use toothpaste that contains fluoride, you'll strengthen the enamel. You may also get fluoride from tap water. Usually, bottled water doesn't have adequate fluoride so consider switching to tap water.

What you eat matters

The foods and drinks you take affect your teeth's health significantly. This is why family dentists recommend that you avoid candy and sugary food and drinks because they cause cavities. Sugar is naturally acidic, so it will eat away the tooth surface. Besides, oral bacteria thrive in sugary conditions, meaning they can cause significant damage.

Carbohydrate sources like potatoes, noodles, rice, and bread will also sustain bacteria in the mouth, causing cavities. As such, it's vital to consume the recommended foods so your teeth can remain healthier for longer. Your family dentist can recommend the best foods and drinks for your teeth, so don't hesitate to ask.

For more information, contact a family dentistry clinic in your area.


23 November 2020

Dental Health: Not To Be Taken For Granted

As a retired dentist, I work with charities which visit developing countries and educate children about dental care. It gives me great satisfaction to revisit these communities and see how proud the children are of their efforts. I am acutely aware that good dental hygiene can help prevent a range of serious conditions when these children become older. I started this blog because it greatly distresses me that many people in Australia do not seem to care for their teeth as much as children in these poor communities. This is happening despite ready access to items like toothbrushes and toothpaste which are luxuries in the places I visit. It is my hope that this blog encourages you not to take dental health for granted. My greatest wish is that you can be as inspired as the children I see in my charity work. Please read on and enjoy.