How Can Pregnancy Make Your Teeth Loose?

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Pregnancy affects the body in many ways, some of which can be surprising, and even a little alarming. You might not realise that pregnancy can affect your dental health, but your body begs to differ. Pregnancy can affect your teeth and gums in ways you may not have anticipated, and certainly don't welcome — which is definitely the case if you should experience loose teeth during pregnancy. This development is undoubtedly concerning but doesn't necessarily require any treatment.

28 March 2022

Tips for Tackling Tooth Sensitivity

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Are you starting to feel twinges in your teeth when you eat or drink? It may be that you're suffering from tooth sensitivity. How you approach the situation can depend on the root cause. Here are some tips for tackling it and making it better. Try a Dental Check If your tooth sensitivity is new, it's always worth paying a visit to your dentist. It may be that you're suffering from gum disease or you're experiencing the early signs of an infection.

9 February 2022

Ignoring a Dental Infection: What's the Worst That Could Happen?

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It's never a wise course of action, but some people might ignore the warning signs of a dental infection. You know you should visit a dentist to have the issue professionally examined, but for whatever reason, this has not yet happened. What's the worst that could happen without treatment for a dental infection? Easily Treatable (in the Early Stages) Perhaps you were unable to make the time to see a dentist, or perhaps you were hoping that the infection would clear up without professional assistance.

9 December 2021

Why a Dental Implant Needs a Sturdy Foundation

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You wouldn't build a house without first building a sufficiently strong foundation. It's the same with dental implants, and the foundation in this instance is your jaw bone. When a tooth has been missing for some time, it's likely that its foundation has also become inadequate. But why does bone that no longer supports a tooth lose its mass? And how can this be corrected when you need a dental implant?

25 October 2021

Scheduled For Dental Work? How To Care For Your New Dental Crowns

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If your dentist has recommended dental crowns, and you've never had them before, they may require some adjustment. There are certain steps you'll need to take to avoid damage to your new dental crowns and to ensure a complete recovery. Here is some information to help you through the process.  Go Slow on the Hot and Cold If you're scheduled to receive dental crowns, you'll need to be prepared for possible tooth sensitivity.

21 September 2021

How Do Dentists Repair Dentures?

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If you have broken your dentures, you might find it difficult to see how they could ever be put back together again. However, there are many things that a dental clinic can do to restore dentures to their original condition. Read on to learn about a few of the different types of denture repairs. 1. Denture Relining Denture relining is one of the most basic types of denture repair. It is also one of the types of repair that denture clinics most frequently carry out.

9 August 2021

Why Are Some Teeth Broken Into Sections for Extraction?

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There are many ways in which a dentist can save a severely damaged tooth. But sometimes a tooth's structure has deteriorated to the point that it can't be saved, and your dental health will be better served by the removal of the tooth, clearing the way for a prosthetic replacement. The extraction process can be simple enough, but this depends on the tooth. What does it mean when your dentist tells you that you require a surgical extraction?

23 June 2021

How Are Dental Cysts Treated?

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The development of any lumps on your gums will require a trip to your dentist. While your dentist will perform a comprehensive assessment of the protrusion, the origins of the growth can often be traced back to the state of your teeth. When there's decay or periodontal disease that has permitted bacteria to invade your dental pulp, this lump can be a dental abscess. This infection is typically painful, and the lump is generally soft, as it's filled with pus.

6 May 2021

Can a Dentist Fix a Broken Tooth in One Day?

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Have you broken a tooth recently? Then you probably want to contact local dental services as soon as possible. Broken teeth are painful and without swift dental intervention, they can soon become infected. Depending on the severity of your tooth break, you may be able to have your broken tooth repaired in a single appointment. Composite bonding can be done in under an hour When a break is minor, composite bonding is suitable and fast.

1 April 2021

What Sets a General Dentist Apart from Other Dentists?

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It is not uncommon to come across general dentistry, endodontist, periodontist, prosthodontist and orthodontist services. These are all dental services, but there is a reason why they might be offered under different specialities. For a dentist to specialise in a particular field of dentistry, it takes several years of undertaking a dental course and training. This means that it might be difficult to find a dental clinic that offers all kinds of dental treatments.

17 February 2021