Important Steps to Follow Before Arranging Professional Teeth Whitening

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Having shiny white teeth is a goal of many people, which is why you can now find so many specialist toothpastes and other whitening products on the shelves. To really get good results, however, it's best to go for a professional teeth whitening treatment instead of trying to do it yourself, as it's far more effective. Before you begin your teeth whitening treatment, you should make sure you're doing the right thing for you and that the treatment will be successful.

10 August 2018

When You Whiten Your Teeth Too Much

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In terms of self-improvement, it can be possible to overreach. You might have overestimated your physical fitness and punished your body by doing too much at the gym. You can also overreach in your other efforts to improve your physical appearance. If you want to whiten your teeth, you would hopefully use restraint and opt for a gradual change until you have achieved the desired result. But what about when you inadvertently whiten your teeth too much when using an over the counter kit?

23 July 2018

Why You Always Need to Consider a Replacement When You Lose a Tooth

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Rumours abound that the dental industry is on the verge of discovering an all-natural way to regenerate teeth within the mouth. While this may sound like utopia for those who don't particularly like visiting the dentist, it may be some way off. Until that time, some people are still going to suffer the loss of a tooth for one reason or another and need to think about their functionality without it.

21 June 2018

How 3D Imaging is Reshaping Dental Treatment

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The development of new technologies such as laser scanning and 3D imaging have revolutionised many different industries, from manufacturing to service-related businesses. The dental industry has also benefited greatly from more advanced imaging techniques. In particular, dental imaging has permeated many different treatment options for patients and has made them highly efficient. In the past, a dentist would have to use more invasive techniques (such as cutting away tissue) just to get a better view of dental issues and how to fix them.

24 May 2018

Traits That Make Dental Bridges a Practicable Tooth Replacement Option

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When you lose one or a couple of teeth, your dentist will recommend replacement therapy to avoid complications that typically come with gaps in your teeth. But with the variety of solutions that are available, you may not be knowledgeable enough to discern what type of treatment will be suited to your needs. For instance, dentures are great for people on a tight budget, but they do come with some drawbacks.

16 April 2018

5 Reasons to Avoid Alcohol After Dental Implant Surgery

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After undergoing surgery to get dental implants, you might want to reward yourself with a cool beer or glass of red wine. However, dentists recommend that you resist the temptation, for a little while at least. Your dentist will probably advise you to avoid alcohol for at least three days after oral surgery: here are five reasons to follow this advice. 1. Alcohol Interferes With Implant Integration After you get your dental implants, your body has a lot of work to do.

22 March 2018

Removable Versus Permanent Retainer: Which Is Best For You?

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Whilst getting your braces off is undoubtedly an exciting event in your life, that excitement might temporarily fade if you're not sure which type of retainer to choose. Deciding between a removable and a permanent retainer may seem challenging right now, but with the help of the information below (and the guidance of your orthodontist!) you'll be able to choose the right one for you.  Removable Retainers Removable retainers are the most often-used retainer option.

27 February 2018