Dentists | 3 Lifestyle Transformations To Control Your Bad Breath Problem

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Having a bad breath problem can ruin your confidence and can negatively impact your life drastically because you're afraid to speak up in your office or in a social environment. Contrary to what you believe, bad breath is more common than you think and is easily treatable at the dentist's office, as long as you acknowledge the problem. Apart from a vital visit to the dentist's office, here are some lifestyle changes to help you control your bad breath problem.

16 December 2015

When to See an Emergency or Weekend Dentist

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Typically dentists only work during the week with only a few of them offering weekend hours. Those dentists that do offer weekend hours may reserve these for emergencies only. They may also charge more for weekend or emergency visits, so you might need to consider carefully if you need to see such a dentist. At the same time, you don't want to easily assume that a true dental emergency can be put off, as certain problems with your teeth can lead to actual tooth loss.

25 November 2015

Why Your Child Needs a Pedodontist

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Throughout life, maintaining good oral health is crucial, but it is particularly more essential for young children. It is vital for every parent to provide preventive oral care for their young children at the soonest time and chance possible, thus allowing the children to develop proper dental habits and maintain good oral health. A pedodontist is a pediatrician who is primarily concerned with providing oral care for your children. They will provide oral care for your children from birth through to their teenage years into young adulthood and can perform different types of dental procedures, including filling cavities, tooth extractions, fitting braces, etc.

6 November 2015

Symptoms and Treatment of Temporomandibular Disorders

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Temporomandibular disorders are problems that occur with your temporomandibular joint. This joint can start becoming inflamed and experiencing pain due to a variety of reasons such as stress, physical trauma or even your gender, as women have been shown to be more predisposed to this disorder than men are. When you suffer from this, it is best to see a dentist post haste to avoid the problem being exacerbated as you continue using your jaw.

16 October 2015

When to See a Dentist Between Checkups

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Getting regular dental checkups every year or every six months can be enough for most adults to ensure that their teeth and gums are healthy and strong. A dentist will take x-rays during these visits to check for cavities and will also give the mouth a thorough exam in order to check for signs of oral cancer and other such health concerns. While these regular visits can be enough for most adults, there are times when you want to see a dentist between visits to have certain symptoms checked or because you may be at an increased risk for health problems.

14 September 2015

Tips To Beating Halitosis Naturally

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Nobody want to deal with bad breath. If you are suffering from halitosis, chances are your confidence has taken a blow as interacting with people can prove to be quite awkward. If your halitosis is chronic, then it is best advised to seek out the services of a dentist to have a medical examination. Some cases of extreme bad breath stem from health conditions that would have to be treated for your halitosis to be eliminated.

21 August 2015

3 Natural Tooth Whitening Methods

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Many people hide their teeth in photos, and being self-conscious about their smile.  The main culprit? Stained and discoloured teeth. Of course, it's common knowledge that your teeth can be whiter if you brush every time you eat, but who has time? Another tried and true standby is to give up all tooth staining foods like coffee, tea or wine. So, what's a person to do who can't visit the dentist every three months for expensive treatments?

4 August 2015

What to Know Before Getting Braces

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Braces are becoming common today with more adults and teenagers getting them to straighten their teeth. Unlike some years back where braces were only made of metal, today braces come in different materials, colours and designs depending on the preference of the patient. Braces involve a a large time commitment, even up to three years; therefore, before getting them, you should be ready to dedicate time and effort to maintaining them.

27 July 2015

Common Types of Teeth Straightening Methods

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If your dentist has told you that several of your teeth need straightening, you may think that traditional braces are your only option. But the truth is, there are several types of methods dentists use to straighten teeth, and depending on your budget and the amount of aligning your teeth need, you may be not have to walk around with a mouth full of silver metal: Traditional Braces -- Dentists refer to traditional braces as orthodontic braces, which are made with metal wires that are inserted to the front of your teeth and held in place with brackets.

29 June 2015

3 Symptoms That Mean You Need to See a Dentist

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Every adult should see a dentist on a regular basis, usually at least once per year. However, if you're like most adults you may forego seeing a dentist until it's absolutely necessary or for as long as possible. You may also overlook certain symptoms that mean you should see a dentist as soon as you can. Note the following symptoms you don't want to ignore and should be brought to a dentist's attention.

28 May 2015