What You Should Do After DIY Teeth Whitening At Home

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Teeth whitening provides a simple and effective way of restoring the natural white color of teeth. You can choose a suitable product from the various DIY whitening kits that are available in drugstores and chemists. The key advantage of DIY teeth whitening is that it is simple, comfortable, and convenient since you don't have to visit a dentist. You can get the teeth whitened within a few minutes or hours. However, on the downside, these kits do not have instructions or advice on what you should do to maintain your teeth after the procedure.

29 December 2016

Teeth Whitening 101: Home Remedies

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A great smile comes with a great set of teeth. Discoloured teeth do not fit into the definition of great teeth. If you have yellow, brown or beige teeth, a visit to a qualified dentist is crucial. There, you will be provided with various teeth whitening solutions.  But before you make that visit, there are several simple home remedies you can try out. Oil Pulling Coconut oil can be an effective teeth whitener.

29 December 2016

What You Didn't Know about Poor Oral Hygiene

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Nobody needs to be told that they should brush their teeth. This is something that's ingrained as a child and there is plenty of evidence to show that brushing helps to maintain good oral and dental health. Yet many people treat this twice-daily task as a nuisance and just give it their cursory attention. What's at risk if you don't prioritise your oral hygiene? When Brushing Gets in the Way

13 December 2016

How Technology Has Removed the Fear of a Root Canal

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Root canal surgery used to be one of the more complex procedures performed in the dentist chair. Yet recent changes in procedure and the advent of specialist technology have made this a lot easier for dentists and a lot more reassuring for patients. Often, a root canal can be treated without a lot of invasive surgery and it may be possible to complete the entire procedure in one visit. What has changed to make this procedure so different?

30 November 2016

The Daily Grind: Three Issues Caused by Bruxism and How to Fix Them

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Bruxism, or regular grinding of the teeth, is a medical condition that affects many people, although it is most common in adults between the ages of 25 and 44. Many people grind their teeth subconsciously while sleeping, usually during times of stress. For some, the problem will come and go and may resolve itself naturally when contributing factors like anxiety, alcohol and recreational drugs are removed. However, bruxism that's left untreated can lead to tooth damage, jaw disorders and headaches.

21 November 2016

How New Techniques Help Alleviate Concerns at the Dentist Office

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Many exhibit some form of trepidation when they are making a visit to the dentist. This is likely caused by an unpleasant experience which they endured during their childhood. Yet even though techniques have improved dramatically over the years, that feeling of hesitance still remains for many. What are dentists doing to alleviate this? Body Language Many dentists today are practising a new way of interacting with their clients. They are exhibiting forms of body language that are meant to reassure the patient and are being very careful with their choice of words.

28 October 2016

5 Easy Ways to Reduce the Damage Sugar Does to Your Teeth

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Everybody knows that sugar isn't great for teeth. Though delicious, sugar combines with the bacteria in your mouth to create acids, which then start to eat away at tooth enamel, stripping it of its minerals and eventually causing decay. Of course, few people are willing to commit to eliminating sugar from their diets altogether, but there are a number of steps you can take, beyond brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist regularly, that will reduce the amount of damage that sugar can do to your teeth.

12 October 2016

Why You Should Consider Laser Dentistry for Your Child

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Few things can cause a parent more anxiety than imagining how distressed their child will be during a visit to a dentist. Luckily, laser dentistry can offer a way to avoid many of the reasons that make children apprehensive about visiting a dentist. This article discusses some of the ways through which laser dentistry can be good for your child. Reduction of Dental Visits Oftentimes, one has to make several visits to a dentist in order to complete different dental treatments.

21 September 2016

Situations That Constitute Dental Emergencies

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It is not uncommon to find some people ignoring oral pain. This could be because they are under the assumption that it will eventually go away on its own, or maybe they are simply anxious about paying a visit to the dentist. Although there may be some situations where you may not have to seek medical attention, such as a burnt palate from hot food or beverages, there are other situations that need to be treated as dental emergencies.

9 September 2016

Factors to Consider Before Undertaking a Career in Dentistry

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Many school leavers interested in the medical field are torn on what career choices to pursue due to the numerous disciplines available in the sector. Dentistry provides a fulfilling and highly rewarding choice for individuals who choose to pursue this path. However, before taking the plunge into dentistry one should consider the following vital factors: Flexibility: Like any other medical profession, dentistry requires one to be very flexible when it comes to working hours due to the sensitive nature of the job.

19 August 2016