When Should You Visit Your Dentist for Quick Denture Repairs Rather Than Wait?

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If you know that your dentures are starting to slide and slip a bit, it's time to get them refitted. However, this can often wait until it's convenient for your schedule, and you may need to simply live with the inconvenience of dentures that are slightly out of place. There are other times when it's good to have your dentures checked by your dentist as soon as possible rather than waiting, and this isn't just when they've broken in two.

25 May 2016

Is Your Dry Mouth Affecting the Fit of Your Dentures?

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There are various reasons why your dentures may start to feel looser than they used to. For example, the shape of your mouth changes over time, and you may find that the false teeth that fitted snugly when you got them no longer fit that well after a few years. However, in some cases, you may have an oral health problem that makes your dentures feel loose even though they actually still fit the shape of your mouth well.

11 May 2016

How To Deal With Acute Pericoronitis

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Pericoronitis is most commonly caused when gum tissue overlaps the lower third molar, otherwise known as the wisdom tooth. Food and bacteria can get stuck underneath this gum flap, which makes the tooth difficult to access and clean. This can result in a large buildup of bacteria. Acute pericoronitis is when the symptoms – fever, swelling and pain – intensify due to the spreading of the infection. In many circumstances, in order to effectively treat pericoronitis, either the gum flap will have to be removed or the affected tooth will have to be extracted.

21 April 2016

Does Brushing Your Teeth Reduce Red Wine Stains?

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The enamel on your teeth is not completely smooth; it may have tiny cracks and pits in it that can pick up colours from strongly coloured food and drink. If you're a red wine lover, you may be battling against the staining that your favourite tipple leaves on your teeth. While maintaining good teeth-cleaning habits such as brushing your teeth twice a day may go some way to help, you may not be able to avoid some staining, especially if you're a regular red wine drinker.

22 March 2016

Prevent Pain and Swelling by Recognising the Early Signs of an Abscessed Tooth

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If you have ever suffered from an abscessed tooth, you will know that it can be an unpleasant experience. It's important to recognise the early signs of a dental abscess. Dentists will need to repair the tooth that has become abscessed in order to prevent the infection from returning. Your dentist can only treat the tooth if there's minimal swelling on your gums, or ideally, no swelling at all. By doing everything within your power to keep swelling to a minimum you will be able to have your tooth repaired sooner, as the dentist will not need to wait for this swelling to dissipate.

1 March 2016

Special Care for Your Dental Implants to Make Them Last Longer

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If you recently got a dental implant, you probably do not wish to repeat the pain and expense it took to get it. For that case you are advised to take good care of them to benefit you for a longer time. Here are some tips: Practice oral hygiene You need to take care of your dental implants in the same way just like the other natural teeth. If you neglect your implants and stop looking after them, they will develop a coating, which if left untreated can lead to gum bleeding, infections and soreness.

11 February 2016

3 Little-Known Orthodontic Appliances And Their Uses

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Braces and retainers are perhaps the most commonly known appliances available from an orthodontist. Braces are used to correct defective alignment of teeth in the mouth, while retainers are often used to hold these teeth in their newly-aligned position after the braces have done their work. Braces and retainers are by no means the only appliances available from an orthodontist. Because a large number of patients are often unfamiliar with other orthodontic appliances and their uses, they end up suffering with a problem that an orthodontist would have helped to fix.

25 January 2016

A Few Quick Facts About Dental Treatment Subsidies in Australia

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Persons who cannot afford their own medical treatments, including dental treatments, do have some choices and options for dental subsidies in the country of Australia. Children and teens especially are covered under these plans so that they can receive regular checkups and other such dental care. Not everyone is eligible for such subsidies, but knowing if they apply to you can help you to better understand your options for dental care.

6 January 2016

Dentists | 3 Lifestyle Transformations To Control Your Bad Breath Problem

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Having a bad breath problem can ruin your confidence and can negatively impact your life drastically because you're afraid to speak up in your office or in a social environment. Contrary to what you believe, bad breath is more common than you think and is easily treatable at the dentist's office, as long as you acknowledge the problem. Apart from a vital visit to the dentist's office, here are some lifestyle changes to help you control your bad breath problem.

16 December 2015

When to See an Emergency or Weekend Dentist

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Typically dentists only work during the week with only a few of them offering weekend hours. Those dentists that do offer weekend hours may reserve these for emergencies only. They may also charge more for weekend or emergency visits, so you might need to consider carefully if you need to see such a dentist. At the same time, you don't want to easily assume that a true dental emergency can be put off, as certain problems with your teeth can lead to actual tooth loss.

25 November 2015